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Me (on our first date): "What do you want out of life?"
Trevor: "To live an epic story."

That was basically all I needed to hear. Since then we've dived head first into everything we've done. From our quick dating to marriage relationship, to starting a photography side hustle in 2016 to fund our first off-roading-tiny-house build, selling everything and  living on the road full time! We have no plans to slow down any time soon.



We’ve always said, “when it gets down to it; Taking care of our earth shouldn’t be something that gets mixed up in politics. It shouldnt matter if you’re republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, Christian, Muslim or Atheists;

Enjoying and taking care of nature is something that should go hand-in-hand and that we should all just naturally agree on and do.” 
Leave politics out of nature.


We’ve always wanted a full time life of travel.

We’re both pretty minimalistic when it comes to needing “stuff” and both our jobs require travel and remote work; so the tiny house life style, just made sense for us and always looked appealing.

When it came down to choosing a vehicle, that was all Trevor. 

I would have been content with a Skoolie or Van. But Trevor wanted something that would allow us to go anywhere and do anything. (Park on a beach, off road in the desert or climb up a mountain)

He is also the biggest dreamer and extremist I know, so it came to no surprise when he purchased our first rig, at a Military auction. 

When we first purchased ‘Wazimu’ (which means ‘Madness’ in Swahili) he was just a beige, flatbed, M1078 troop carrier, that looked like he had already been to the desert a time or two.




So, that’s when the real work began. Trevor tore off the back and started our build from scratch. 

He built the complete shell of our home by welding steel  together in a box-like frame, wiring/electric/plumbing, then added installation, then the steel “skin”. 

The inside of our home has a full kitchen; sink, stove top and oven.

A complete bathroom; toilet and shower ( that is large enough for me to sit down and take a bath!) All in, truck included this build cost us $40k in 2019.

The second build, a C7500 GMC retired snow plow dump truck, was no different.Trev did everything from welding the box to the plumbing, electric and artistic touches like the epoxy floor and bathroom door. 
We were able to double our profit on the first build by selling it in 2021 for $80 which is what funded our second build.

This one has lots of updates, from our 1850 watts of solar to our 90 gallons of water. We've been living in it for 14 months and have not had to run our generator once and have been to far more places!

Life on the road has been good to us and we’ve enjoyed just about every stop along the way. 

We hope to cover every state in the next few years and have no plans to slow down anytime soon!

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